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It’s our mission to promote, brand, and create experiential impressions on all media
platforms for the growth of our clients, company, community, and people throughout the world.
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U.S. Air Force

Wolfebarron has partnered with countless government agencies from state to federal levels. Each campaign takes a fresh deep dive approach, putting all the objectives on the table. We take holistic views on every project. We love the solutions that show our clients that we aren't afraid to take chances and explore new creative opportunities.

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At WolfeBarron Media, we have several advertising platforms at our disposal to reach the widest possible audience each day. Every marketing strategy we create is specifically geared to the needs and goals of our clients. Each plan requires effective communication and coordination with all parties involved. Our projects can range from printing creative business cards, to producing 50 foot wallscapes, and everything in between.

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Cirque Du Soleil

The WolfeBarron Media team believes knowledge is power and is continually expanding its competence and expertise. We strive to stay current and up to date on all media platforms, software, and new design technology. Our ever-expanding know-how combined with many years of experience gives us the capability to proficiently take on any job.

"... a great way to get big and unique visibility for Volta, Cirque du Soleil’s newest big top in the Seattle area."

Cirque du Soleil

Production was very quick and the rates were much more affordable than any similar services we looked at. Shane was frequently in touch giving us updates. We felt it was effective for our campaign needs and would definitely use again!

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Constant updates about my campaign and very thorough. It was a pleasure working with the WolfeBarron team!

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